Sadie T

Sadie Tumbleson was recently asked by her sister what she wanted most for a gift. Sadie replied that she wanted a donation made to Ohio State Parks Foundation in her name.

Thank you Sadie!

and thank you Sadie’s sister! Sadie told us she loves watching the sunrise from the beach at Eastfork State Park and loves to spend time at the park in a hammock.

She loves sharing her insight with others about how to enjoy the outdoors without being a professional athlete on some grand ten mile hike. Sadie said “…people will convince themselves that they need expensive equipment or ample time and money to enjoy nature when it can be as simple as laying under the trees for a bit!”

Sadie travels frequently to a local state park on Sundays for what she and her partner call “Sundates” ☺️ They explore the local towns and restaurants and spend time getting to know the state park.
Thank you Sadie – we’re so glad you enjoy the state parks and have donated to help us make them even better than they are!