Estate Giving to Benefit the Ohio State Parks Foundation

What will your Legacy be? 

Share your joy for the outdoors with planned giving to benefit the Ohio State Parks Foundation. 

A well-planned strategy for giving back to causes that are important to you through estate giving also referred to as planned giving can provide a range of benefits, from reduced taxes to a sense of personal fulfillment and a meaningful legacy for both you and your heirs.  

Like most things we value, our parks require continued stewardship and reinvestment, which is why the Ohio State Parks Foundation (OSPF) was formed in 2021. The mission of OSPF is to protect and enhance our scenic landscapes and advocate for their future, and we need everyone’s help to do so. 

An endowment gift can be made easily through a gift annuity or as an estate gift such as a bequest, trust, or life insurance policy designation of beneficiary. OSPF is also established to receive gifts of stock and mutual funds which may serve as a good tax benefit to the donor. For details, contact Carrie Carmody at The Columbus Foundation, 614-251-4000, or via email at

Carrie is able to guide donors through one or more of the giving options here:

  1. Bequest – A gift of assets, such as cash or stocks that are made through the provisions of a will or estate plan, a bequest allows you to create a permanent legacy by designating a specific amount of money or percentage of assets of your estate to OSPF. 
  2. Retirement Account – You can name OSPF as a beneficiary of a portion or full retirement account, such as a 401(k) or IRA, which would allow OSPF to receive the designated assets from the retirement account. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of making a gift to OSPF and will protect those assets from both income and estate taxes.
  3. Life Insurance – Similar to a retirement account, you can name OSPF as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, allowing OSPF to receive the policy’s proceeds upon your death.
  4. Charitable Gift Annuity – A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and OSPF in which you donate assets in exchange for a fixed stream of income for the rest of your life. Upon death, the remaining assets are transferred to OSPF.
  5. Charitable Remainder Trusts – A charitable remainder trust is a type of trust that allows you to donate assets to OSPF while retaining a defined income stream. Upon the death of the donor or other beneficiaries, the remaining assets would be transferred to OSPF.

All inquiries are completely confidential and without obligation. The descriptions above are for informational purposes only. The Ohio State Parks Foundation does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Donors should consult their tax, legal, or accounting advisors before making any gifts. It’s important to consult an estate planning attorney or financial advisor to determine the best strategy for your circumstances.

With your support, the Ohio State Parks Foundation can continue to care for and enrich the parks we love. We are excited to celebrate Ohio’s 75+ parks and encourage our community to help us maintain our beautiful parks to enjoy year-round by donating today to OSPF or including the Foundation in your estate-giving plans.